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Bulls for Sale


Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale, October 2018
Elmo Brahmans are proud to offer 3 polled young sires at RBWS 2018. Our daughter, Camille Trail, Bottle Tree Brahmans, will also be offering 1 bull. They sell Wednesday, Lots 827-830 and will be penned in Austadium pens 522 and 523 from Saturday afternoon onwards. Pictured below with their raw data. Inspections welcomed. 

Rockhampton February All Breeds Sale, February 2019

A team of impressive sires have been selected for the February All Breeds Sale 2019.

Paddock Sales
We often have paddock bulls available. If you are interested please contact us.
Lot 827 Elmo Peace Pipe 1011-7.JPG
Sire - Wallton Downs Barnaby 710/1 (P)

LOT 827 - Elmo Peace Pipe 1011/7 (P) (HPc)

Elmo Peace Pipe placed 4th in his class at Beef 2018. He displays outstanding muscling and bone. Has an outstanding temperament. 

25 mths, 862kgs, 0 Th, 41 Scrotal, 70% Semen, 82% Morph, P8-9, Rib 6, EMA 136

Sire: Wallton Downs Barnaby 710/1 (P) - pictured below
Dam: Elmo Desert Sequin 658/1 (P) - pictured below

Lot 828 Elmo Phoenix 1022-7.JPG

LOT 828 - Elmo Phoenix 1022/7 (PP) (PcPc)

Elmo Phoenix has a beautiful polled head, carrying plenty of beef and bone and has an outstanding temperament. 

24 mths, 800kgs, 0 Th, 38 Scrotal, 85% Semen, 85% Morph, P8-12, Rib 9, EMA 128

Sire: Brolga Gully 2254/0 (P) - pictured below

Dam: Elmo Chloe 566/0 (P) - pictured below

Lot 950 Elmo Pharoah 1000-7.JPG
Yoman 2325.jpg

LOT 829 - Elmo Pharaoh 1000/7 (P) (HPc)

Elmo Pharaoh is a polled son of Yoman 2325/3 (RBWS 2015 $60,000). He is an outstanding thick, beefy young sire. 

25 mths, 786kgs, 0 Th, 37 Scrotal, 85% Semen, 86% Morph, P8-11, Rib 8, EMA 123

Sire: Yoman 2325/3 (H) - pictured below

Dam: Elmo Lady Lucille 811/3 (P) - pictured below

Lot 830 Bottle Tree Creedence 16-7.JPG
Yoman 2325.jpg

LOT 830 - Bottle Tree Creedence 16/7 (H) 

Bottle Tree Creedence is a rich red coloured bull by Yoman 2325/3 (RBWS 2015 $60,000) who displays good thickness, beef and bone. 

24 mths, 866kgs, 2 Th, 36 Scrotal, 75% Semen, 85% Morph, P8-16, Rib 11, EMA 126

Sire: Yoman 2325/3 (H) - pictured below

Dam: Elmo Sara Jane 813/3 (P) - pictured below


Elmo Picasso 1023/7 (PP)

Sold Privately at Beef Week 2018

PURCHASED BY: Rockley Brahmans

PRICE: $40 000

Elmo Navajo 881/5

OFFERED AT: Rockhampton Brahman Week 2017

PURCHASED BY: Karmoo Brahmans, Clermont

PRICE: $22 000

Elmo J Night Owl J870/5

OFFERED AT: Sold privatley 

PURCHASED BY: Craig Polsen, Turnbuckle Brahmans, Baralaba

PRICE: $25 000

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